Success! New Kindle Ebook Published!

You can find “The Wraith, the Ring, and the Teleporting Teen” on Amazon’s Kindle page in a day or two when it goes live.   I’m trying not to sound too giddy, since many people have done more impressive things, but I’m pleased with the short stories.  Most adults and young adults who read fiction might like them, unless they really dislike urban fantasy or action.

The ebook (my second) is the next step toward the big goal of earning my living as  a writer.   Thanks to everyone whose words of encouragement help keep me going!  I’m finishing up the semester soon, and then working full time as a writer will give much more time and energy to write.

Think you might possibly want the book?  Check out the preview on Amazon.   You own at least one device you could read it on….  If you happen to be a KDP select member, it will be in the lending library.  I’ll probably post when I know it’s available for sale and borrowing.

In the meantime, it’s fun to say, “I published an ebook this weekend!”

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