Live the Dream, Part 2

I’m following my dream of writing for a living, and I face a lot of challenges. There’s no guarantee of success, and many talented writers do not succeed. The support of family, friends, and even almost-strangers might be the difference. Do you want to help? (You may have already!)

Here are some very specific and dated requests for help:

1) If you have any interest in urban fantasy (some of which can be read as fiction, since it’s set in the modern world), would you buy my ebook this week? Short stories are bite sized, and you own at least one device capable of displaying them.

2) If you know anybody who reads fiction, especially fantasy, would you mention my book to someone this week?

3) If you liked my ebook(s), would you write a short review on the kindle site this week? One sentence about the part you liked best would do!

4) If you have any ideas about marketing, would you tell me this week? I think for myself, but if you’re sitting there saying, “You know, he should really try…”, then I’d welcome the thoughts.

Generally, the blog is for insights that you might find of some value. But as John Donne said, “no man is an island.” I appreciate your help!  Thank you for your support.



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