Live the dream?! Part 1

It’s official, sportsfans. I have informed my supervisor that I will be resigning from full-time teaching in order to write for a living. Teaching is a calling, and there’s good work to be done at the community college. I will pursue my dream, however, and move back closer to family. Also, I’ll live more in balance, something that mostly eludes me during the school year. There will be room to teach a community-interest creative writing class, too.

I’m excited! So many ideas for stories, so little time! I’m learning lots about how to get people to notice my writing. The last three summers writing have helped me to find my stride and to learn what works. I can do it. The first novel wasn’t a fluke or a one-off; it’s repeatable.  Writing and study and chores and exercise and family and friends and odd jobs make Greg a really, really happy, (almost) self-actualized, energetic boy!  (The workplace term is flow.)

So far, Lightning Strikes Twice is ready for publication; I’ll either catch a print publisher’s interest or publish it as an ebook this year. Sister Moon: Stories of the Supernatural is published as an Amazon Kindle ebook. A set of three short stories that I wrote over Christmas break is ready to publish as soon as copyright registration is complete.

Will it be easy or all go perfectly smoothly? No. I have some savings and a dream, not a guarantee of success. Do you want to help? More on that next time.

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