Persistence Part 2

The bonus question is: how can people recognize the butter zone of persistence? How can I tell when I’m being determined enough but not too stubborn? First, people need to have clear goals in mind. People must set their own goals because working toward someone else’s plan is just busy work. Second, they’re making steady progress, little steps, towards those goals. Small steps daily may work best because if I don’t do something every day I tend to get out of the routine. (It’s not that I make progress on everything daily, but it’s only a good day once I’ve made some progress on something.) So if I’m not taking a few small steps daily, then I’m not being persistent enough. On the other hand, there’s the danger of getting stuck in a rut. I might be beating my head against a brick wall if I keep trying the same small steps over and over again but see no progress. That just means try it another way. I might look for a door in the brick wall, or go around it, or go over it. Also, I try to live a balanced life, which means recreation and spending time with friends and family. Life should be fun, too, so the work ends before the day does.

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One Response to Persistence Part 2

  1. Nancy says:

    Nice sentiments to guide my days. Thanks, Greg.

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