Fun on a Budget?

I gave up paid for TV today, sort of.   I’m trying to only link love and not bash cable or satellite in particular, so I’ll just say “TV service”

The essential question was this: was the enjoyment and use that I got from the TV service a good trade for the life energy that it took to pay for it?  The answer: no, not even close.

I followed a few TV shows and watched an occasional idle hour.   I’d watch part of a Vols game, or sand volleyball back before their association imploded.   Maybe it was an hour a day… versus a really large bill.

Really wild thing is, I haven’t given up all that much.   I rent from Netflix, so there are movies and most TV shows except the current season.   New-ish episodes (the rule might be eight days after original air date) can be found online, too.   I’m more likely to watch the game highlights than the entire game, too.   Here’s the kicker: by saving that enormous bill every month, I can buy several movies a month and still save some too.   At used movie prices, that’s even more.

The point here is not to campaign against TV service.   Instead, two things.   Wow, I think I’ll get so much more enjoyment out of renting and buying used movies and TV series on disc than I ever did from the service.   Wow, this question is a powerful help to decisions about spending.   Will you get use or enjoyment in fair exchange for your life energy?   If yes, and you have the money, spend it.   If no, ask yourself if there is something else out there to trade your life-energy for instead.   We should be choosy about what we trade our time and energy for.

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