Why is it so tough for most people to notice and acknowledge other people’s skills and efforts?


When people don’t know anything about a job or activity, they tend to underestimate it. Think welding or rock-climbing.* It looks easy from a distance, so it must be easy. In contrast, when people work at that job or engage in that activity, they know just how difficult it can be. Ego and competition kick in, though, and most people don’t want to acknowledge that the competition is good. Even when people aren’t really competing, it’s easy to feel like it. It seems that most people are either too oblivious to the challenges of an activity, or too competitive with a potential rival to admit someone else is good at what they do.



*I’ve climbed a bit with safety ropes. My front brain knows the rope and my friend will keep me alive if I fall; a gazillion years of instinct insist that a 30 foot drop onto hard ground will kill me dead, dead, dead. And now I should let go with one hand or foot? To go higher?! Are you crazy???!!

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