Instant Perfection? Reality is Neither! Part 2

Movies show us an illusion, and we see only the (nearly) perfected final illusion. But the actor, in reality, still doesn’t get it right the first time! There might be several takes, a dozen do-overs, and that’s with the support of all those professionals trying to help the fella pretend to karate chop six goons (who are really easy-going stunt doubles) in three seconds. Or say two sentences with appropriate feeling to the girl.

If the professionals, with all that expert help, can’t get it all right even when pretending, why do we expect our own actions to be perfect? Why do we expect instant success on the first try? Why do we expect other people in our lives to get it all right the first time? To do or say the perfect thing? To look like movie stars while doing it?

We’ve all become movie critics watching our lives, and when the reality doesn’t match the illusion, most of us think reality isn’t good enough. Do yourself two favors. First, watch as many gag reels as you can find this week. Second, give yourself permission to be less than perfect. There are no life montages or stunt doubles. There’s just life.

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