From the Author…

If you like urban fantasy, then come find werewolves, wizards, ghosts, and quietly extraordinary magic users who exist, mostly out of sight, in our mundane modern world.  Some stories create dread, others are exciting, and a few let you marvel at daily wonders.  One is just plain silly because life is too short to be serious all the time.  Even if you just read fiction, you can find plenty here to enjoy.  There’s arguably no ghost in one of the ghost stories, and Claire could be imagining the wrinkled, hairy little man who lives beneath the stove.  You decide!
Each story carefully control character, plot, setting, and tone, and each one stands on its own.  At the same time, the stories are little seeds than can grow into novels.  This gives rich backstories or worldviews, and the sense that you might see some of these characters again.  It’s exciting to have so many ideas.
There’s an entire support network helping me: friends, family, and coworkers, and of course, lots and lots of readers.  Thank you for your support!


You can find Sister Moon: Stories of the Supernatural on Amazon’s Kindle Store.   It can be read on many electronic devices, including smart phones and PDA’s.

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