Life is Change. Scary. Exciting.

The curriculum for a new class I’m teaching includes the book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson. What a great book! Really, really timely advice on dealing with change.

I’ve read the book before (if you haven’t, it helps you deal with change. Big spoiler: change happens.) But of course I re-read it to teach it, and it was just as pithy as last time. For me, the cheese is always the steady career job. Not money in my pocket, exactly, but a (moderate) security of the good-paying, stable job. Point it, change happens, and my attitude pretty much determines my success in dealing with it. Job duties change, job opportunities change, career paths change. There’s some stat/joke that says that the average American has 2.3 careers in his or her lifetime. The cheese in one area runs out, and I have to search in new places for more.

That terrifies me. Point is, though, that change is a natural part of life, and that we can survive. I’ll find new cheese, as long as I’m willing to work and adapt. I’ve got a lot of skills, both hard and soft. So if you’re looking at big changes in your life, remember that you’ve weathered storms before now, and you’ve figured out challenges before now, and you can do it again… If it all still sounds disturbing, the book offers a fable to explain it all much better.

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