You Know You Want that Gadget!

I don’t resist tech exactly, but I tend to ask if a gadget is really useful before buying it. Just bought a Kindle, and I really, really like it. The ability to carry around thousands of full-length books is awesome. This one has the e-ink technology, which is crispy clear and lets the battery last oh, a month before recharging. It keeps insisting that I find a wi-fi connection, but it will admit it has a perfectly good USB cable if I tell it so in a very firm voice. Probably I can figure out (with advice from friends) how get my own book on the device from my PC files. If that stumps me, I’ll have to buy my own book….

The latest gadget is all about clever marketing and selling stuff. I’m learning simplicity and to consider purchases in light of how much life-energy I’m trading. (Your Money or Your Life by Joe Domiquez and Vicki Robin gives one of the clearest, best, simplest set of tools to think about money that I’ve ever read. Go find it.) Still happy with the Kindle, though, because it measures up.

North Carolina has a great-sounding program where NC Libraries can loan out ebooks to ereaders for library card-holders. Awesome! I haven’t yet figured out if SC does something similar. And some colleges are using ereaders to deliver textbooks or supplemental reading. I’m not going paperless, though. I like holding real books. For serious/scholarly reading, I also annotate a LOT -notes, underlines, stars, arrows, and snarky comments. The Kindle will let me, but oh-so-painstakingly with the keyboard.

So beyond just liking the ereader, ask yourself if the gadget will be useful and fun in proportion to how much time and energy you spent earning the money to buy it.

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One Response to You Know You Want that Gadget!

  1. ghunterhanks says:

    Come to find out, SC DOES offer an ebook lending program, called Jasmine. Ciao!

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