Better than Good

When I talked for a minute with the man behind me in the grocery store checkout line, he said something that stuck in my mind. When I asked him how he was doing, he said, “Better than good.”

He had two small kids with him, probably his grands. The little girl smiled at me as I put food on the conveyor belt, so I said hi. Then I included her granddad (probably) and her brother.

The gentleman went on to explain that even a person with a cold will tell you, “I’m doing okay.” So he reasoned that since he was healthy, that should be at least good. Okay, not surprising, although like most people, I’d just asked as a polite greeting more than inquiring about his state of being. Then he explained that it was a great day with his family, so that was better than good. While he was talking, I was noticing the smile creases, the straight back, relaxed hands, and centered posture. I finally understood that this man was at peace with himself, God, and the universe.

I was unprepared for philosophy while buying bread, the cashier was telling me my total, and the rush of ordinary life carried me on before I really processed. Now I kinda wish I’d introduced myself, because he probably would be a good friend to have. He was feeling better than good. That’s not a state I always achieve, but it’s a fantastic goal.



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