Word of Encouragement!

A friend on facebook today commented that he really liked my ebook.   He enjoyed the short stories and thought they’d make good ideas for novels.   I was a bit at low ebb (because doubting is so easy), but this really made my day!

Maybe you never struggle with doubt (you’re very blessed but a little weird).   I’m not writing a Dear Cathy column here, but it helps me to remember:

1) I have  interests, passions, and skills

2) I practice what I care about

3) Everyone improves with practice.   Sometimes we’re impatient, but it works.

4) The artist tends to be the most critical of the painting.  We’d never be as harsh to a friend as the judgemental things that the doubting voice whispers.

5) It’s always easier to disapprove of someone else’s work than it is to actually do a better job.

6) Criticism meant in the spirit of building up (Philip Toshio Sudo writes well of this in Zen Guitar) isn’t easy to hear but helps us grow.


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